❝ and the sky, it is a deep crimson and on your face, there is a new lesson / one that i can’t pretend i’ve learned yet ❞




I hope you guys get inspired by this and enjoy it! Inspired by these other lovely memes. Tag posts with “pepperony meme” so everything can be archived easier! Have fun! :)

  • 1 movie
  • 2 kisses
  • 3 colors
  • 4 locations
  • 5 outfits
  • 7 objects
  • 8 screencaps
  • 9 scenes
  • 10 anything
Puppet - Billy Lockett

so cut me loose and let me go 
I’m bored of all the pushing, shoving I’m a puppet to you


stay special brother you stay true—
we can change the world despite all our enemies
we’re fighting on, listen to your heart and sing
pray for love, it feels like a memory
if we hold on, there’s a victory over the sun

#auwherethedecatakeonthecouncil because somehow I’m still not over it and also the original gifset was butt




This is a big challenge that I made for the summer holiday, even though there are already a lot of these challenges. You don’t have to do them all or that many at each category (or you can do more at each category because you want more of them). It’s a lot and it will probably take ages but it’s a fun thing to do. You can do whatever you like, gifs, picspams, graphics, photosets etc. So yeah, feel free to use it if you’re bored!

  • [10] tv shows
  • [5] cartoons/anime
  • [10] movies
  • [10] female characters
  • [10] male characters
  • [15] pairings
  • [10] friendships
  • [10] families
  • [5] pilots
  • [5] opening credits
  • [3] genres
  • [7] heartbreaking scenes/moments
  • [7] hottest scenes
  • [7] funniest scenes
  • [7] character deaths
  • [5] villains
  • [5] heroes
  • [7] sceneries
  • [7] actors
  • [7] actresses
  • [5] casts
well I guess the new podcast isn't even the one we listened to!!
- Anonymous

nope, the audio is from the show they’ll be using for all the live events for quite a while as far as I know so it would be silly for them to publish the whole thing now and ruin it for those who already have tickets~ 

heyyyy, why'd you have to let out night vale spoilers? I was at the live show I mean I know what happened, but still :c
- Anonymous

ugh I’m really properly sorry it was dumb as hell 

I tagged it and assumed that people would be decent enough to do the same if they reblogged it but I suppose I kind of overestimated some of them and asdfghj

should I just delete it?


Get to know me meme

inspired by x you can make gifset/art/graphics with it whatever

[5] favorite movies

[5] favorite tv shows

[5] favorite female characters

[5] favorite male characters

[5] favorite relationships

[5] favorite comedy movies

[5] favorite actors

[5] favorite actresses

[5] current celebrity crushes


sowing seeds and setting sail: the infinite frank turner masterpost of music, videos and covers 
under a cut for truly ridiculous length
masterpost challenge 1/?

music (okay so indeed there are no links in this section because a. he really deserves the money like just go buy what you can you won’t regret it and b. you can just do a quick youtube or spoify search and find pretty much all of it anyway. this part is pretty much just for quick reference- links come at the end) 
sleep is for the week  ↳the real damage ↳vital signs ↳romantic fatigue ↳a decent cup of tea ↳father’s day ↳worse things happen at sea ↳my kingdom for a horse ↳back in the day ↳once we were anarchists ↳wisdom teeth ↳the ladies of london town ↳must try harder ↳the ballad of me and my friends
love, ire & song ↳I knew prufrock before he got famous ↳reasons not to be an idiot ↳photosynthesis ↳substitute ↳better half ↳love, ire & song ↳imperfect tense ↳to take you home ↳long live the queen ↳a love worth keeping ↳st christopher is coming home ↳jet lag
poetry of the deed ↳live fast, die old ↳try this at home ↳dan’s song ↳poetry of the deed ↳isabel ↳the fastest way back home  ↳sons of liberty ↳the road ↳faithful son ↳richard divine ↳sunday nights ↳our lady of the campfire ↳journey of magi
england keep my bones ↳eulogy ↳peggy sang the blues ↳I still believe ↳rivers ↳I am disappeared ↳english curse ↳one foot before the other ↳if ever I stray ↳wessex boy ↳nights become days ↳redemption ↳glory hallelujah{bonus tracks} ↳a song for eva mae ↳wanderlust ↳balthazar, impresario
tape deck heart ↳recovery ↳losing days ↳the way I tend to be ↳plain sailing weather ↳good & gone ↳tell tale signs ↳four simple words ↳polaroid picture ↳the fisher king blues ↳anymore ↳oh brother ↳broken piano{bonus tracks} ↳we shall not overcome ↳wherefore art thou gene simmons ↳tattoos ↳undeveloped film ↳time machine  ↳cowboy chords
the ‘years’ compilation albums
the first three years↳the real damage↳nashville tennessee↳thatcher fucked the kids↳this town ain’t big enough for the one of me↳casanova lament↳I really don’t care what you did on your gap year↳the outdoor type (the lemonheads/smudge cover)↳you are my sunshine (jimmie davis cover)↳sea legs ↳back to sleep ↳sunshine state ↳heartless bastard motherfucker↳fix me (black flag cover)↳hold your tongue↳front crawl ↳jet lag (rock)↳photosynthesis (truck sessions)↳worse things happen at sea (truck sessions) ↳imperfect tense (truck sessions) ↳district sleeps alone tonight (postal service cover)↳smiling at strangers on trains (million dead cover) ↳dancing queen (abba cover)
the second three years ↳sailor’s boots ↳pass it along ↳rock & roll romance ↳to absent friends  ↳the next round  ↳song for eva mae ↳wanderlust ↳balthazar impresario ↳mr richards  ↳song to bob (boby dylan adaptation)  ↳thunder road (bruce springsteen cover)  ↳sally (kerbdog cover)  ↳barbara allen (old english folk song)  ↳the quiet one (mark mulcahy cover)  ↳build me up buttercup (the foundations cover)  ↳linoleum (nofx cover)  ↳the slow train (flanders and swann cover)  ↳the greatest day (take that cover)  ↳my poor friend me (bad religion cover)  ↳on a plain (nirvana cover)  ↳father’s day  ↳last christmas (wham! cover)
live albums 
take to the road ↳live fast die old ↳the road ↳long live the queen ↳substitute ↳try this at home ↳dan’s song ↳the real damage ↳poetry of the deed ↳nashville tennessee ↳our lady of the campfires ↳smiling at strangers on trains ↳sons of liberty ↳barbara allen ↳love, ire & song ↳father’s day ↳I knew prufrock before he got famous ↳journey of the magi ↳the ballad of me and my friends ↳reasons not to be an idiot ↳photosynthesis
last minutes and lost evenings ↳intro ↳eulogy ↳try this at home ↳reasons not to be an idiot ↳nashville tenessee ↳wessex boy ↳if ever I stray ↳peggy sang the blues ↳I am disappeared ↳love, ire & song ↳glory hallelujah ↳the real damage ↳dan’s son ↳father’s day ↳substitute ↳long live the queen ↳I knew prufrock before he got famous ↳sons of liberty ↳four simple words ↳the road ↳I still believe ↳somebody to love ↳pre-encore ↳the times they are a’ changing ↳the ballad of me and my friends ↳photosynthesis
eps and singles
campire punkrock↳nashville tennessee↳thatcher fucked the kids↳this town ain’t big enough for the one of me↳casanova lament ↳I really don’t care what you did on your gap year ↳the ballad of me and my friends (vinyl release) 
the real damage ↳the real damage ↳sea legs ↳back to sleep↳sunshine state ↳heartless bastard motherfucker 
rock & roll ↳I still believe  ↳pass it along ↳rock and roll romance↳to absent friends ↳the next round
poetry of the deed ↳poetry of the deed ↳barbara allen (hurley session) ↳rock and roll romance (hurley session)
the road ↳the road ↳mr richards - solo acoustic ↳the road - solo acoustic
losing days ↳losing days  ↳hits & mrs.  ↳longing for the day  ↳who’s got a match
live eps
itunes festival 2010 ↳try this at home ↳reasons not to be an idiot ↳long live the queen ↳the road ↳photosynthesis
spotify sessions ↳recovery ↳the way i tend to be ↳pancho and lefty
spotify live ↳recovery ↳losing days ↳I still believe
I still believe (music from the ‘road to wembley’ documentary)  ↳balthazar, impresario  ↳nights become days ↳I am disappeared
↳all about the destination ↳take to the road ↳live from wembley
 ↳buddies (with jon snodgrass)
featured appearances
↳larkin’ about (with amongst the pigeons) ↳you go. I stay. no following (with look mexico) ↳fields of june (with emily barker and the red clay halo) ↳so long (with donots) ↳home/hospitals (with jim lockey and the solemn sun) ↳going through the motions (with donots) ↳rose tattoo (with the dropkick murphys) ↳what else would you have me be (with lucero) ↳question marks (with ben marwood)
official music videos ↳casanova lament ↳vital signs ↳the real damage ↳photosynthesis ↳reasons not be an idiot (first edition) ↳I knew prufrock before he got damous ↳long live the queen ↳reasons not to be an idiot (second edition) ↳the road ↳poetry of the deed ↳isabel ↳try this at home ↳I still believe ↳peggy sang the blues ↳if ever I stray ↳wessex boy   ↳four simple words ↳recovery ↳oh brother ↳the way I tend to be ↳losing days ↳sailors boots
live acoustic performances↳in session: 95bfm↳npr tiny desk concert↳camden sessions (with interview)↳great escape session
live performances (full sets)↳london forum, 25/04/13↳t in the park, 2012↳dunsfold, 2006↳banquet records for record store day, 2013↳the glasshouse, 11/10/11↳T.T the bear’s place 07/09/13
unreleased covers↳anna begins {counting crows} ↳waterloo sunset {the kinks}↳all my life {foo fighters}↳mr jones {counting crows cover} feat. john allen↳the modern leper {frightened rabbit} ↳district sleeps alone tonight {postal service} feat. benmarwood & franz nicolay ↳plea from a cat named virtute {the weakerthans}↳make you feel my love {bob dylan}↳aside {the weakerthans}  feat. dave hause↳freddy krueger {reuben} ↳don’t think twice, its alright {bob dylan}↳a new england {billy bragg} feat. brian fallon↳mr brightside {the killers} ↳live and let die {paul mcartney}↳born to run {bruce springsteen} ↳the desperation’s gone {nofx}↳motel blues {loudon wainwright III}↳dammit {blink-182}↳magazines {the hold steady} ↳one great city! (I hate winchester) {the weakerthans} ↳prayer to god {shellac} ↳stuck between stations {the hold steady} ↳the huntsman comes a-marchin’ {chris tt} ↳constructive summer {the hold steady} feat. dave hause↳ADT {fake problems}↳delilah {tom jones} ↳american girl {tom petty}↳on and on {tim barry} ↳christmas is awesome {reuben}↳bird on a wire {leonard cohen}↳chelsea hotel no 2 {leonard cohen}↳christmas at tesco {beans on toast}↳folsom prison blues {johnny cash}↳freiheit {westernhagen} ↳I want to break free {queen} ↳in my time of need {ryan adams} ↳julie {the levellers} ↳junk food sex {beans on toast}↳long black veil {johnny cash}↳love will fuck us apart {andrew jackson jihad}↳m1 song {chris tt}↳my name is jonas {weezer}↳nervous breakdown {black flag}↳only love can break your heart {neil young} ↳pancho and lefty {townes van zandt}↳preaching to the converted (chriss tt)↳rain king {the counting crows}↳raining in baltimore {the counting crows}↳road ode {loudon wainwright III)↳sweet carolina {ryan adams}↳tell me why {neil young}↳the night they drove old dixie down {the band}↳the state lottery {propaghandi}↳the world turned upside down {billy bragg}↳vatican broadside {half man half biscuit}↳we are the champions {queen}↳yeah sapphire {the hold steady}↳you can’t chose the ones that you love {adam killip}↳you’re my best friend {queen}↳once in a lifetime {talking heads}↳ramblin’ man {the allman brothers}↳(don’t go back to) rockville  {r.e.m.}↳river {joni mitchell} ↳why don’t we get drunk (and screw) {jimmy buffet} 
 unreleased originals
↳least of all young caroline
interviews↳hunow tv↳nmetv (the wheel chair stunt, reading)↳rock sound (nine things you didn’t know)↳t in the park, nme (‘I never check the lineup’)↳2000 trees↳a music blog, yea?↳record store day↳face culture (i) / (ii) / (iii)↳therapy tv ↳umusicone (dity or fresh?)↳the a-sides↳absolute radio↳o2 backstage (diy punk roots)↳nmetv (the world according to)
documentaries↳the way I tend to be↳4play
behind the scenes↳they way I tend to be video↳making of tape deck heart↳one day with ed harcourt on the ft tour↳england keep my bones in the studio↳the making of the road↳wembley rehearsals (i) / (ii) with billy bragg
tour diaries↳offspring usa tour, 2009↳tape deck heart tour↳the dropkick murphys tour (i) / (ii) / (iii) ↳reading festival↳european tour, summer 2011 (i) / (ii)↳usa tour, autumn 2010 (i) / (ii) / (iii) / (iv)↳usa tour, spring 2010 (i) / (ii)↳2000 trees, 2010↳green day/german tour (i) / (ii)↳uk tour, october 2009 - (i) /  (ii) / (iii) / (iv)↳the offspring tour - (i) / (ii) / (iii) / (iv) / (v) / (vi)
misc. frank guff↳recovery lesson↳frank explains the lyrics to - (recovery) / (anymore) / (tell tale signs) / (polaroid pictrue)↳believe (signature brew)↳google hangout↳auction for the flag↳movember↳eden sessions ad↳'my new hit single'↳sleeping souls bass solo↳shaving↳in it for the tank (i) / (ii)↳hops catastrophe↳frank turner wembley↳murder on the tour bus express (i) / (ii) / (iii) / (iv)↳jim lockey vs dropkick murphies

sowing seeds and setting sail: the infinite frank turner masterpost of music, videos and covers 

under a cut for truly ridiculous length

masterpost challenge 1/?

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